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The UltraHD 100m model

An urban weather model

The Meteologix AG UltraHD weather model is the heart of the urban adaptation and mitigation solution services offered by the CityCLIM framework. It is a full-physics 100m weather model forecasting operationally weather parameters for urban areas.

Urban Heat Islands

A prototype nest of the 100m model UltraHD over the domain of the city of Karlsruhe. It is visible that the inner city does not cool down as quickly as the outer regions during the night demonstrating an Urban Heat Island effect captured by the modelling of the UltraHD. 

Sea breeze

Local wind phenomena usually not possible to be captured by coarser models can be resolved by the 100m model of the UltraHD. To the right is the city of Valencia next to the coast. 

The upper left panel shows the RGB output of the model domain, the upper right temperature forecast, the lower left relative humidity (%) and the lower right wind speed (km/h)

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