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OHB Digital Solutions

Who we are...

OHB Digital Solutions was founded in 1999 as Spin-off Company from Graz University of Technology, Institute of Navigation as TeleConsult Austria. It was acquired by the OHB group in December 2018 and changed its name officially in December 2019. The major activities of OHB Digital Solutions cover the field of precise positioning and reliable navigation, particularly the areas of development and combination of navigation, telecommunication, and information technologies, and services for applications in the context of transport and mobility.

A major focus of the work is currently within the area of supporting European programmes for radio

navigation such as EGNOS and Galileo as well as the development of strategies for the transition from today's techniques, technologies and procedures to those of tomorrow. Special main research and development topics, which were fostered in recent years were navigation software development as well as navigation, information and safety application development. 

In addition OHB Digital Solution provides IoT solutions for e.g. governmental applications, tracking and tracing applications, utilities management and water management.

OHB Digital Solutions GmbH provides also a service for GNSS-data using the best positioning algorithms augmented with external information. Efficient client data management and cloud computing are significant performance elements for the scalability of MCGS (Multipurpose Cooperative GNSS Service). With MCGS any type of GNSS-receiver or GNSS-derived position information will get a higher positioning accuracy in real-time by avoiding investments in high end devices or expensive infrastructure.Additionally, OHB-DIG organised the European Navigation Conference – ENC-GNSS 2003 in Graz, Austria and was co-organiser of the ENC-GNSS 2013 in Vienna, Austria contracted by the Austrian Institute of Navigation.

What are our tasks in CityCLIM?

OHB-DIG will bring to the consortium its experience on data fusion for enhanced positioning precision. OHB-DIG is a well-known expert company in bringing together different signals and data for enhancing positioning services. OHB-DIG has already participated in several industrial and research projects for positioning applications and solutions creating applications, services and products in the localization and secure navigation sector.

  • Concept and development of Generic Climate Platform
  • Connect heterogenous data sources from EO, in-situ data and historic data to Generic Climate Platform and make them accessible
  • Preprocessing and homogenization of data streams
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Related skills and experience of the organisation

The main expertise of OHB-DIG is based on numerous successfully completed national and inter-national research and development projects as well as development contracts and feasibility studies in the field of positioning, navigation, and simulation that finally generated today’s product and offered services. Expertise offered related to the project include:

  •   Navigation technology and services knowledge

  •   Requirements engineering

  •   Systems engineering

  •   Software development

  •   System development knowledge for integrated services

  •   EU and ESA research contract knowledge

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