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Meteologix AG

 (Kachelmann GmbH)

Who we are...

The Meteologix AG is one of four companies of the Kachelmann Group and responsible for the group’s business with companies and official authorities like government on all levels. It has been founded in 2014 one year after its mother company Kachelmann GmbH which is responsible for the B2C services, both companies are based in Switzerland. Another company of the Kachelmann Group is located in the US (WeatherOK Inc., founded 2005 with its technical hub in Omega, OK and its seat in Cumberland, ME), and Germany (AtmoScience GmbH).

Their founder Joerg Kachelmann, born 1958, started to be a professional meteorologist in 1983 when a Swiss newspaper started to have an entire page dedicated to the weather. In 1990 his first company Meteomedia with seat in Switzerland was founded that, when Kachelmann sold his shares in 2013, had more than 125 employees and relied mostly on revenue from TV weathercasts.


With the new companies, Jörg Kachelmann has changed the scope from traditional weather forecasting targeting TV and print media to innovative R&D driven solutions. 

Meteologix AG.png

Developing and utilizing scientific and innovative weather forecasting tools that are IT powered and research-based as e.g., the in the invention and operationally running own physics 1x1km weather model, radar signal postprocessing, storm-tracking tools and the integration of machine learning, and state-of-the-art technologies to solve weather related problems for their customers. 

Considering the rapid development in modern technology Meteologix AG is setting a big accent on research and product development on a global scale. The Meteologix AG has subsequently developed a series of innovative meteorological products that setting new standards in the weather market.  Besides its global approach the Meteologix AG strives to develop products that can easily integrated in smart technology of all kind, e.g. Smart Homes, Smart cars to invent innovative services that create added value.

The Kachelmann Group runs several mostly free international weather portals that aim to gather all high-quality available weather information at one place and make them available and understandable to all citizen by providing glossaries, info-texts and explanatory tutorial videos.

What are our tasks in CityCLIM?

Several European companies are involved in implementing the project, the Meteologix AG responsible for developing the high-resolution 100m weather model and predicting with it precise weather forecasts on a city level. The 100m UltraHD will be based on an existing prototype that has been developed in a former Horizon2020 innovation project Cross-CPP  - however a series of further developments have to be undertaken in order to have a fully operational city model that can resolve and (for the scenarios) reliably predict small-scale city air flows, temperature changes and capture heat island effects.

Besides the further development of the UltraHD, the Meteologix AG will together with all consortium partners gather relevant historical meteorological data that can be displayed on the to be built climate portal on There, historical observational data from public and private weather stations will be made available for anyone to brwose through and understand the changing conditions on a very local level. The data will be visualised and processed ina way that anyone (even without any prior knowledge and without programming skills) can just browse through the data, and compare various dates or time series against one another. This way, we enable anyone to access often hardly accessible or hard to understand data sets.

  • Meteorological data processing
  • Development of full-stack full-physics city-scale model UltraHD weather model on basis of existing prototype
  • Supervising and organising the air quality measurement and weather station installation in some Pilot cities
  • Climate Web Portal (enabling anyone to browse through historical weather data easily)
Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 18.14.51.png

Swiss Super HD (~1km) - snow depth forecast for Switzerland

Related skills and experience of the organisation

The Meteologix AG has a profound long-year expertise in the development of weather models and successfully runs a 4x4 model nest as well as the SuperHD 1x1km model for several years, that regularly outperforms weather model giants like the ECMWF, GFS and the German ICON. 

The SuperHD has been tested in various regions all over the world and has yielded an excellence forecast quality: 

Cloud cover forecast of Super Typhoon Nok-Ten over the Philippines:

GFS (~28km) US model - cloud cover forecast

Swiss Super HD (~1km) - cloud cover forecast

Meteologix Hail Size Detection

  • global access to all leading weather model data

  • ground weather observations, including own proprietary weather station network

  • meteorological decision tools for logistics 

  • global lightning data

  • weather radar data processing and enhancement

Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 19.44.41.png
Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 19.44.32.png
Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 19.44.24.png

  • storm tracking and rotation detection

  • calibrated live precipitation sums and flash flood warnings

  • live aquaplaning warning 

  • agriculture related products like soil weather parameters

  • hail size detection

  • snow cover analysis 

  • ...and many more

The Meteologix AG together with the rest of the Kachelmann Group is also active in nowcasting (especially for highly accurate warnings and energy forecasts), radar and satellite derived data processing and product development and many other weather related endeavours. Some include: 

Meteologix Storm Tracking

Meteologix Rotation Detection

Developments that become possible with the present project only – the present project will further develop the Urban Weather Model (UltraHD) up to full market-readiness, enabling it to project the full scope of weather-related developments on this extremely high resolution of 100 m – including soil models with different layers, radiation parameterization to predict own heat-fluxes that are not only achieved by statistical downscaling.

Furthermore, a full climate web-service analogue to the MTL weather service will be built that enables citizen to have full and meaningful access to climate data for both, the whole world, but also their own hometown and region.

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