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Centre for Environmental Research GmbH

UFZ Helmholtz

Who we are...

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH (UFZ) is one of the world's leading research centers in the field of environmental research and enjoys high social recognition. It shows ways for a sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of mankind and the environment. The UFZ has extensive experience in integrated environmental research, has innovative scientific infrastructures and maintains important national and international cooperations. As a reliable partner, the UFZ supports politics, industry and civil society in better understanding the consequences of human actions for the environment and in developing options for social decision-making processes.

Within this project, the UFZ will be engaged with the Department of Monitoring and Exploration

Technologies (MET) and Department of Ecosystem Services (ESS). The research focus of the department MET is on the further development and evaluation of methods and combinations of methods for the reliable high-resolution investigation of subsurface structures and environmental processes. The department combines competences from various fields such as hydrogeology, geotechnics, direct push technology, geophysics, on-site analytics, sensor development, multivariate data analysis and optimization.

The research activities are reflected in various projects. Further information can be found on the website The research of the department ESS focusses on ecosystem services, a concept linking biodiversity and human well-being. The department naturally works at the science-society interface. This means collaborating across disciplines and political sectors to facilitate meaningful and participatory knowledge exchange processes.

What are our tasks in CityCLIM?

The main task of the UFZ is the development and evaluation of CCS concepts for Urban Climate Monitoring. The concepts aims on the inclusion of citizens in data acquisition, data quality assurance, context sensitive interpretation of data, utilisation of data.

  • Establish Citizen Science projects within participating Pilot cities
  • CS Data Acquisition and analysis
  • Dissemination activities of the CityClim project
  • Ethics and Data management

Related skills and experience of the organisation

The member of the Department of Ecosystem Services ESS use studies at the landscape level, analyses of large databases with multivariate statistics, modelling and geospatial analysis employing geographical information systems (GIS), as well as transdisciplinary workshops, focus groups, interviews and CS approaches. ESS is actively involved in the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and the development of the German Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP-DE).

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